Only People Who Agree With These 21 Things Maintain Successful Relationships

Relationships are never easy. They say that both partners need to be putting in their fair share of 50% of the effort. But that’s not true. Both partners actually need to be putting in 100% of the effort as often as they can. Relationships are work. Just because you’ve found the perfect person and you both really like each other doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing. If you’re with someone you want to be with for a long time, you can’t just coast. You have to accept that you’ll need to put in the effort to make this thing work. And you’ll have to accept that every day won’t be a fairytale out of a Nicholas Sparks book.

If you’ve struggled with relationships, this list is for you. It’s one thing to struggle with meeting people and getting dates. But once you’ve gone on the dates and gotten into a relationship, there’s a whole new set of things to worry about. It’s no longer just enough to dress up, say something witty over dinner, and give a great kiss at the end of the night. Your skills at swiping on Tinder no longer apply. Now, the real work starts. And if you aren’t willing to put in the work, you’ll lose your relationship.

21. I Completely Trust My Partner With Everything – No Lies & No Secrets

Trust is the name of the game when it comes to relationships. If you don’t have trust, you don’t have anything. For starters, it’s not fun to be in a relationship with someone you don’t trust. That means you’re paranoid and will spend every waking minute trying to decide if you’re being lied to. It’s also not fun to be in a relationship where you’re the one doing the lying and keeping the secrets. You should feel free to be yourself and to be honest. If the only reason your partner is around is because he/she believes a bunch of lies about you, trust us, they aren’t going to be around for much longer. Lies, paranoia, and secrets will break your relationship fast. Get honest or get out.

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